We all have lessons that we want to pass onto our kids. But when the kids are teenagers, they might not want to listen. This book is full of 110 life lessons that are true when we are 14 or 54. Created from the perspective of a father to his teenage daughters, A Fan of Happy is a book that you may want to share with everyone in your life…or even at your company. It’s personal development for any time of our life.

Kirby Hasseman Fan of Happy Book

Breaking news: An historical change is upon us.

From a marketing standpoint, the change has been coming. We have lived in an age of “push” marketing forever…since the beginning of time. But the internet–and social networks–is changing that. Right now. Now, more than ever, the customer has a voice. The customer has clout and power.

And the customer wants better. We want better.

We need to GIVE first. We need to work at providing value to our customers so they trust us. We need to think “small” things first.
That’s great news…if you want to do things the right way to begin with! As you will read in this book, promotional products provide an amazing way to “give” first to your customers and prospects. These products have the power to help you create real and lasting bonds with your customers. And as you know, by creating real and lasting bonds you build a business that lasts and lasts.

Congratulations. Viva la revolucion! Join it! Give Your Way to Success…by Delivering Marketing Joy!

Give Your Way To Success is a great book that helps to inspire you to take action “the right way.” It includes great tips and actions you can take to make yourself (or your company) successful!

This eBook was written a small piece at a time, mostly through blogging. So I have chosen the “best” posts in order to share here. I hope you will find this easy to read and fun. I also hope you find this to be encouraging on your journey. We are all at different places, so I hope different sections will reach you right where (and when) you need them to. Most of all, I hope you find that Good People Can Finish First! You just need to have consistent positive action. Good luck!

“If you are looking to increase sales and profitability for your small business, then it?s time to start thinking big! In Think Big Marketing for Small Businesses, you can learn to:

1. Create Your Think Big Marketing Plan
2. Decrease Your Marketing Waste
3. And Reach Customers Right Where They Are!

Think Big Marketing for Small Businesses helps you create a targeted marketing approach that is sure to be on the mark! And since Think Big Marketing is written for the busy small business owner, it is quick and easy to read! So don’t wait another minute to take your small business to the next level get this book and start thinking big today!”

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