I Help Promotional Product Professionals Increase Profits, Streamline Systems, and Grow Their Business

Transform your promotional product business with expert coaching from me, Kirby Hasseman.

Marketing Mastery

Identify your perfect customer and stand out in your niche.

Building Solutions

Build and maximize your own list and take control of your leads.

Expansion Strategies

Grow your brand and build a presence that stands out.

Struggling to Stand Out?

Don’t let obscurity cost you business.
  • Many promotional product companies face the challenge of being invisible in a crowded market. Without a strong brand and effective marketing strategies, you risk being overlooked and undervalued.

Accelerate Your Success

Get immediate results with a one-on-one workshop.
  • Target Identification Workshop
    Discover your ideal customer and
    unlock new opportunities
  • Lead Magnet Creation Workshop
    Build your own list and take control of your sales pipeline
  • Reach Planning Workshop
    Amplify your brand presence and
    attract more customers through
  • Goal/Activity Tracking

Trusted by Industry Leaders

With your results, you’ll discover why I’m a a sought-after speaker and trainer in the promo industry.

Simplify Your Journey to Success

Streamline your path to growth with my easy process.
Identify Your Perfect Customer
Understand the goals and desires of your target audience.
Build Your List
Grow your leads and create a solid foundation for sales.
Build Your Business
See your business reach new levels.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

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