Josh Robbins

Vault Promotions

“Kirby has a wonderful gift for not only understanding the challenges of entrepreneurship and running a business, but in breaking things down into an easily understandable scope. His feedback and viewpoints are not only accurate and insightful, they are easily implemented. Many in this sphere can identify pain points, but few can offer actionable items to help elevate a business in the manner he does. Kirby is an absolute treasure as a coach, mentor, or speaker.”

Nadav Raviv

Senior Account Executive

“Kirby and I have been friends and industry peers for a number of years. I initially sought him out as an industry leader to learn from and be mentored by. Over the years we have become friends, but I still look to him for guidance, especially when I have a question about processes, industry standards, or even issues within my own work and personal life. Kirby will always remain a driving force to my success in this industry!!! “

Kayla Kerek

Vitality Physical Therapy LLC

“Kirby is exceptional at what he does and sincerely wants to help you reach those who need your services. He helped me improve my social media presence and email marketing by giving me actionable steps and advice (new small business owner wearing multiple hats and no previous marketing experience). I know when I meet with Kirby that I will leave in a better spot with a solid game plan that will improve my marketing and ultimately help me reach people who would benefit from my services. Marketing is absolutely fundamental to a business’ success and I know he has greatly impacted the success of my business.”

Mark Graham


“Kirby’s presentations always deliver actionable and tactical value in addition to being fun and lighthearted. Kirby is a marketing practitioner so all of his lessons are based on his day to day experiences. Kirby is one of the best!”

Tom Clouser

National Account Manager

“Kirby is the one person I look to for simple straight-forward tips for success. Simple and thought provoking, his words resonate with me to live a successful personal and business life.”

Jason Nokes


“Kirby is one of the premier thought leaders in the promotional products industry. I have had the pleasure of attending several of his speaking engagements, plus be directly impacted by his coaching and mentorship. I benefit from every interaction I have with Kirby!”

Lyndsi Gadd

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount of knowledge on my small business journey from Kirby. His guidance from the very beginning of creating my small business continued into how to be successful throughout the years to come. Very thankful to have had the opportunity of his mentorship & guidance.”

Taylor Borst

American Solutions for Business

“Kirby has a special way of connecting with any audience and making a topic feel approachable, relatable and attainable. Not only does he capture this in person, but is also a talented digital story teller and uses social media to support his mission and message.”

Sam Kabert

“Kirby has been instrumental in my career as an Entrepreneur and a Content Creator. I’ve learned a ton about how to be most efficient with my time through Kirby’s teachings and he continuously inspires me with his authenticity and dedication to his craft. Thank you, Kirby!”

Kara Keister

“Kirby’s messages are always fresh and relevant for recipients at any stage in their career. He has a genuine quality of speaking to audiences in a manner that makes them feel like a best friend, even when that best friend might be giving you some tough love! We use his books during our own company onboarding and my team never misses an opportunity to absorb new content from Kirby. 10/10 recommend to give that little spark to energize your organization”