Whether you want to create a blog post or a company, a video or a presentation, we all have to overcome the same thing.  “That voice.”

It’s the voice that is in each of our head that tells us that we are “not good enough,” or “not smart enough,” or that “no one will care.”  We all have to hear that inner voice that asks “why would anyone care what you have to say?”  Or even the one that tells us “this will make you look stupid.”

In addition, I think we look at people who regularly put out content, or start businesses, or speak in public and think “they must not have that voice.”  They must be so confident.  They are not insecure.  It must be easy for them.

Here is a good news/bad news moment.  They have that voice too.  We all have that voice.

My hope is this is good news for you.  If you are thinking of putting yourself out there, you are not alone.  We all have that voice to overcome.  Every time I post a blog, or a video, or get ready to make a sales call, I have the voice that tells me I am about to make a mistake.  But here’s the thing…I do it anyway.  And you can too.

Yes there are times that a blog post will have a typo (at least mine do).  There will likely be a time that a sales prospect will be a jerk.  And it’s certainly possible that you will try something and it will not work.  But if you keep showing up, you can and will get better.  But in order to get better…to overcome the voice…you have to act.  You have to create.

I would love to tell you that if you continue to do this you will silence the voice.  But you won’t.  It will always be there.  But you have a cool story to tell.  You have something unique to give.  No one else can give it for you.  You just have to overcome the voice.

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