3 Questions To Help You With Overthinking

by | Jun 3, 2021

3 questions to help with overthinking

Have you ever struggled with overthinking?  If you are like 99% of the population, the answer is yes.  Nearly all of us get trapped by our own thoughts at some point.  I have talked about “that voice” before here.  It turns out “that voice” is not only stealing joy from us.  It’s stealing productivity and dreams as well.

So if you are like the 99% of people that have struggled with overthinking at some point, please check out Jon Acuff’s new book Soundtracks.  Oh…and the audiobook is fantastic if you would rather listen on the go.

The basic premise of the books is centered around the voices or stories you have “on repeat” in your brain.  These are the “soundtracks” of your life.  They shape your attitudes, thoughts, and actions.  And many (if not all) of us have quite a few soundtracks that are not only NOT serving us…but they are downright mean!

Acuff gives us 3 questions to ask about these soundtracks we have on repeat.

Is it true?  So many of us have soundtracks playing over and over…but they are not true.  We need to question them.  Put them under the microscope.  When you hear “you are the worst business person ever,” you need to push back.  Really?  The worst one ever?  Probably not true.

Is it helpful?  Most of these soundtracks will break down under the weight of truth.  But if there is a smidgen of truth in it, ask this next question.  Does it help?  That’s a big no, my friend.

Is it kind?  And finally, would you say it to a good friend?  We are often our own worst enemy.  We speak to ourselves in a way we would never speak to someone else.  It’s powerful to start speaking to yourself in a different way.

Now let me tell you a broken Soundtrack that was playing in my brain.

I am a huge fan of Jon Acuff.  I have seen him speak and I have read several of his books.  I even have his book “Finish” listed as one of my 29 Game-Changing books for business.  I find his books incredibly insightful, genuinely funny, and easy to read.

I like them so much that I was slow to buy this book.  Wait…what?  That makes no sense.  But then again, as Acuff points out, broken soundtracks often don’t make sense.

The thought went something like this.  “Well, Jon Acuff’s books are fun to read.  They make me laugh and I get through them so quickly!  If they are THAT fun to read, they CAN’T be good for me!”  Once I took the time to “say it out loud” the absurdity of the statement came shining through.

It failed the test.  It was not true, helpful, or kind.

Have you ever had overthinking hold you back?  Me too.  Give yourself a break.  And take a bit of action and grab Acuff’s new book.  It will set you on a path to get more done…and be happier in the process.

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