3 Reasons I Love Friday

3 reasons I love Friday

You probably hear it from someone every week. “TGIF!  Thank God It’s Friday.”

It seems we have an entire culture full of people that are “living for the weekend.”  And though I understand that every one needs leisure time, for the most part this is nuts.  As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “If you are living for the weekend, your shit is broken.”

Why?  Because my whole goal in life is to be chasing something that excites me.  If that’s the case, I need (and want) to be doing it all the time.  I am not upset on Monday.  I am excited to get after it.

That being said, I love Fridays too!  Here are my reasons I say “TGIF.”

1.  Everyone Else Is In A Good Mood

That’s right.  One of the reasons I love Fridays is because you love Fridays.  It means that you (and most of the people I know) are in a better mood.  This makes every interaction more fun and productive.  I am just like everyone else.  If everyone around me is lighter, then I will be too!  (Oh, and happy people are more successful, I talk about that here).

2.  People Make Decisions

I find that a lot of work gets done before you go on vacation.  Why?  Because there is a deadline.  The same is true, in my experience, on Fridays.  The decision they have been putting off all week gets made on Friday.  It’s like a mental deadline.  They want to get it off their desk so they can leave the office with a clear conscience.  That means Fridays are a great day to pick up the phone in sales.

3.  Measuring the Weeks Results

In a sales and entrepreneurial world, we are chasing results, right?  Much of the time, we measure those based on what happens Monday through Friday.  So how have I done?  How far have I come?  What did I accomplish?  I measure these on Friday.  I love that.  Either I have done what I had hoped…or not.  Then that provides me the carrot or the stick to start again next week.

So there you have it.  These are 3 reasons that I say “TGIF.”  How about you?  What is your favorite thing about Friday?

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing, a full service marketing agency located in Ohio.  Learn more about Hasseman Marketing here.  And if you are interested in have him speak at your next event, you can learn more here.

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