3 Steps To Big Email Success

3 steps to big email success

Despite the fact that there always seems to be a new, shiny tool for marketing each day, email marketing is still incredibly powerful.  Don’t get me wrong.  I get plenty of emails each day that go directly into my junk mail.  But just because some businesses stink at email doesn’t mean the whole tool is obsolete.

Whenever I see a headline that reads “email is dead,” I think to myself, “No…it’s not.”

My recent guest on Delivering #MarketingJoy, Luke Charlton, agrees.  Luke Charlton is known as the Aussie Hermit and he teaches business coaches how to increase their business by sending amazing emails…every day.  Yes.  Every day.  You can watch my full conversation with Luke here.

Here are his 3 steps to big email success.

Tell A Story

As Luke says, if you want to send an email every day, it needs to be interesting.  They have to include a story.  It needs to entertain.  That might be something that makes your audience laugh, cry, or be angry.  It just needs to be interesting!

Tie In A Lesson

With each story, there should be a lesson.  Regardless of the service or product, you are selling, the point of telling the story is to relate it to the audience.  How does this help them?  What can they learn?  And of course, this lesson should relate to the product or service that you offer.

Give An Offer

Finally, after you have told the story with the lesson, you need to tie it to what you sell.  What offer do you have that will help solve a problem for your audience?  Make that offer!

There you have it!  According to Luke Charlton, that is the key to building an email list and creating big sales success by sending an email every day.  Those are the 3 steps to email success.  Again, you can watch the full interview here!

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