3 Ways to Think For Yourself

by | Oct 5, 2015

One of the things I value most in people is…original thinking.  This feels very rare these days.  I even respect people who I disagree with, when I know for sure that they have created that opinion on their own.  I don’t value those that parrot opinions of others.  As I said to a friend once (who happened to be regurgitating a Fox News opinion) “If I want Glenn Becks’ opinion, I will watch his show.  What do YOU think?”
I bring this up because of the recent trend of people posting the Facebook charging message.  It seemed like thousands of people copy and pasted some ridiculous non-sense about Facebook.  In order to help, here are 3 Ways to Think for Yourself.
Listen to Multiple Sources:  If you are a person that wants to be well-versed on politics, make sure you spend at least some time listening to both sides of the argument.  Very few people agree with EVERYTHING a politician or broadcaster says, so it really helps to hear any discussion from lots of sides.  Then you can REALLY consider and decide for your self.
Read:  I find that reading multiple books from lots of different authors and perspectives really gives you a healthy base to form an opinion. 
Think: Spend some time on it.  Meditate.  Let your opinions roll around in your head while you work out.  Turn the music off.  Really consider.  I find this is the best way to really find out what I think…or come up with a solution to a problem I am facing.  Maybe this sounds simple.  It is.  But I am not sure everyone is doing it.
If you think that a list of tips on how to “think for yourself” is ironic, great!  You are right!  Feel free to employ the secret, hidden tip number 4…ignore this and think how you want.  


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