4 Types of People I Love

4 types of people I love

Many speakers and authors over the years have pointed out that the quality of your connections can indicate the direction of your life.  “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.”  It’s been said a lot, because it’s true.  It’s why, as parents, we worry about who our kids are hanging around with.  It matters.

Sometimes we forget that as we get older.  We spend time with the same people we have always been around because it’s comfortable.  Over time, those same people might not provide you the same fuel that they once did.  It’s not that you need to cut loved ones out of your life, but I do think it’s important to be intentional about those in your circle.  They have a lot of impact on your mindset…and your mindset helps to create your life.

So here are 4 Types of People I Love

This is not a list of people.  It’s more a type of people that I seek out.  These are people, whether in person or virtually, that help to grow me.

People Who Make Me Think

These are people that have a point of view.  They are thoughtful about that point of view, and about how they share it.  It’s not usually the type of person that stands on a block with a bullhorn.  For me, it’s more of a person that has given a lot of thought to a topic, shares it with their audience (or friends) and says “Here’s something to consider.”  When they present something from a new perspective, it makes me re-evaluate my own opinion.  I love that.

People Who Lift Me Up

We all have days when we are “not feeling it.”  This is the type of person that will remind you of your own magic.  They will take the time to give you a boost so you can keep creating that magic.

People Who Inspire Me

This group is similar but not the same.  This type of person inspires me by “doing their work.”  They are the people that show others they way by consistently showing up.  Whether behind the scenes or in the public eye, this type of person can fire you up by showing you what can be done if you are willing to put in the work.

People Who Make Me Laugh

I love to laugh.  Most of us do.  But when I was creating this list, I almost forgot it.  I love to hang out with people that make me smile, laugh and enjoy life.  We all need more of those people in our life.  We know it.  But we sometimes forget to intentionally seek it out…or to create that laughter for others.

These are 4 different people that I love to spend time with.  And when the real magic happens, you find a few people that can do all 4.  What is your favorite type of person to spend time with?

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