4 Ways to Dominate Your Field

by | May 26, 2016


dominate-your-competitionWe all have some level of competition. The problem is, most of us spend way too much time thinking and worrying about them. You don’t want to compete. You want to dominate. Today we talk about 4 ways to dominate your competition…no matter what industry you are in. Listen to the Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast here.


So what can you do? What will set you apart from the other players in your world? Here are 4 things to start doing today.

Employ Just One More: The very best in any field are almost always the hardest workers. When everyone else quits, they do “just one more.” Whether they shoot one more basket, run one more mile, or make one more sales call, the best take the time. Think about it. With doing “just one more” sales call you will have done 350 additional calls at the end of the year.

Provide More Value: With props to the book “The Go-Giver” the people who dominate often provide more value than they were paid for. They deliver on what they were asked…and then do a little more. When you do this over and over, your customers refuse to look anywhere else.

Recommend Things You Don’t Do: If you work with many clients, there are going to be times when the best solution for their problem is not something you are the best to fix. In those times, recommend the right solution…even if it’s not your solution. It might be a short-term loss…but it will be a long-term gain.

Operate On a Different Field: If you want to stop being compared to your competitors, stop acting like them. If everyone is competing on price, that’s probably not the best place to play. Set yourself apart with the way you carry yourself, the value you provide, the service you deliver, etc. Rise above the rest of the field if you really want to dominate.

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