4 Ways to Improve Your Mood

by | Feb 2, 2015

Though I am a positive person, not every day starts with a a smile.  Some days you wake up with a foul dream in your head, a bad taste in your mouth and a harsh thought in your brain.

Some days you feel like you are not going to hit the mark.  Everyone feels like that sometimes.  But there are lots of things that you can (pro-actively) do to get you on the right track.  Here are just four.

1.  Read something that inspires you.  When I wake up in the wrong frame of mind, I make sure I don’t wallow in the negativity that surrounds us.  I actively seek out some things to read to get me going.

2.  Do some exercise.  Just 20 to 30 minutes of some exercise can and will improve your brain function and your mood.

3.  Make someone else’s day.  Give them a compliment.  Send a thank you note.  Give them a hug.  By doing something, anything, that lifts someone else up, you lift yourself up too.  Mother Nature set our bodies up to get a boost from helping others. 

4.  Keep swinging.  Nothing helps you get in the right frame of mind like taking action.  Sitting and doing nothing will help keep the negativity going.  Figure out the next right step…do that.  Repeat.

Good luck peeps.  Let’s make this day a great one!


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