A Simple Way to Say Thanks


What have you done today to thank your customers?  Most of the time as sales people and entrepreneurs we go to our customers looking to sell them.  I get it.  That’s the point, right?

But the fact is, most customers who leave you do so because they don’t think you care.  So it’s important to show your customers and team members that they matter.  I tell members of my team that it’s important to go to your client when you are NOT asking for money!  There are tons of simple ways to do this!  Send a card!  Stop in and say hi (and thank you).  Send a gift.

But at the end of this past year I spent a few extra minutes to use technology to make an impression…and it was easy.

Here’s how I did it.

I took a list of our companies top 10 clients.  Then I turned on my web cam (in Quicktime) and recorded a heartfelt, specific and honest message thanking each of them for their business.  I recorded the message specific to them…and said “thanks!”  After it was recorded, I uploaded is as an unlisted video.

Once the video was up, I sent them a link with another message thanking them.  I was super pleased with the results.

Did I sell more?  I don’t know.  But these customers felt appreciated.  And that, my friends, is the point.


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