What Gets You Up in the Morning?


“What keeps you up at night?”

That was the question that was asked of me in an early episode of Delivering Marketing Joy by Danny Rosin.  You can see that one here.

Listen to today’s DMJ Podcast here.

I love the question because it’s honest.  It’s the question (in moments of candor) that entrepreneurs often ask each other.  We wonder because we KNOW what keeps us up at night.  We understand, all too well, the stress and the grind of being in sales.  We “get it.”  No one else has to worry about making payroll.  No one else (it seems) cares quite as much.

My answer to Danny was “teenage girls and cash flow!’  It’s funny because it’s true.

But then I took the conversation in a slightly different direction.  You see, I think, as entrepreneurs, sales pros, starters, etc. we spend PLENTY of time thinking about what “keeps us up at night.”  That’s why it keeps us up.  I think we need to start spending time during our waking ours thinking about what “gets us up in the morning.”

On those days when we get up before the alarm…what are you excited about?  Why did you create the organization or start to sell in the first place?  What projects are you working on that get your blood moving?  How are you trying to make a difference in your family, your community or your world?  What gets you pumped up?  What “gets you up in the morning?”

We need to start focusing more on that.

The fact is, we will always spend some energy on the things that keep us up.  They are stresses and worries…and we are not alone in having them.  But if we want to lead a more productive day, we need to shift our focus.  We will be happier and more productive for it.

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