5 Lessons from Mark Graham

by | Apr 8, 2016


I am excited about the blog/podcast today!  Today I am going to give you 5 Lessons You Can Learn from Mark Graham.  Mark is the CEO of Commonsku and was recently named the #1 online influencer in the Promotional Products Industry.  He is also an all-around good guy and friend.

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So let’s jump into the lessons that you can learn (no matter what industry you are in) from Mark Graham.

Be a Connector:  One of the first things I think about when I think of Mark is “connector.”  He naturally and easily introduces people that he think will be good collaborators.  It’s his gift of “giving first.”  He connects people without looking for gain.  And it is how he builds a fantastic network of people that really want to help him.  You can do the same by truly being a connector!

Make Others Feel Important:  If you really want to be important, spend a lot of time making others feel important. When you engage with Mark, you feel that he genuinely respects you.  He gives you full attention and (when appropriate) praise.  There is a true power in that.  Everyone wants to be important.  When you make them feel that way, you become important to them.

Make it Better:  Let’s face it.  When most people see a problem, they just bitch about it.  Mark looks around and tries to “make it better.”  This is the impetus for him helping to create PromoKitchen.  This is an organization whose mission is to increase the level of professionalism in the Promo industry through mentorship and education.  Everyone can complain.  It takes a leader to try and make it better.

Partner with Smart People:  In addition to the smart people he works with at PromoKitchen, he also works with his wife Catherine.  Catherine is a rock star and (as I said the podcast) is the “brains of the operation.”  Mark is comfortable with others being the smartest in the room.  When you let others shine, you can really create something great.

Be an Ambassador:  Mark has developed as an ambassador in our industry.  In being a connector, he has helped to introduce Seth Godin to the industry and even let me help interview him at one point with Mark.  It was a career highlight for me!  Mark Graham is an entrepreneur, sales guy, marketer and, yes, Ambassador.

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Thanks for taking the time today!  Let me know how I can provide you more value today!

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