5 Lessons I Learned from My Dad

by | Apr 22, 2016


Each Friday we take a look at 5 Lessons we can learn from someone in the sports, business, or entertainment world.  This week we stick with the “5 Lessons” theme but I get a little more personal.  Today we look at 5 Lessons that I learned (and you can too) from my Dad.  Listen in here.

Be a Reader:  Many of you know that last year I read 50 books for business and personal development.  My love and interest in reading was modeled by my dad.  He was always reading and I learned early that if I wanted to be smart, I needed to read.  Thank goodness for that!

Have An Open Mind:  My dad was (and is) a very intelligent guy.  But that does not mean he always feels like he knows all the answers.  He is a questioner.  He is a bit of a contrarian.  I get that from him.  In order to question opinions, including your own, you need to have an open mind.  You need to be willing to admit when you are wrong.  It’s not easy for anyone.  But Dad was willing to sit back and say “okay…that makes sense.”

Have a Sense of Humor:  One of the things I love about my dad is his laugh.  Because he has a great sense of humor, I got to hear it a lot growing up.  People love other people that make them feel good.  One of the best ways to make other feel good is to make them laugh.

Be a Good Storyteller:  Oh what a yarn he can weave!  I grew up listening to Dad tell stories.  It turns out that this is not just good for around campfires.  The best marketers and salespeople are those that tell good stories.  Remember…people buy stories, not just stats.

Be Willing To Re-Create Yourself:  After a career in business and sales, my dad hit a bit of a wall when he moved back to Ohio.  In order to make a living, he started a second career.  He went back to college to get his Master’s in teaching and started over teaching High School.  He has made the most of this 2nd career, but it’s tough to start over.  Sometimes you have to be willing to re-create yourself for a better tomorrow!

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday.  So Happy Birthday Pops!  Love ya.  Thanks for the love and the lessons.


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