5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Exercise

by | Apr 11, 2022

5 reasons why entrepreneurs should exercise

You can file this under the quote, “The greatest distance in the world is the distance between I know and I do.”

We all know we should exercise.  We know it…but we don’t always do it.  This can be especially true for entrepreneurs.  We get so caught up in the excitement, the goal, and the grind that we lose sight of taking care of the machine that drives the progress.

But if we want our business to succeed, we need to be upright!  If we die, we are no good to the organization.  But it’s more than just life and death.  Here are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs should exercise.

Exercise Improves Brain Function

Most of us think we need to exercise to get 6 pack abs.  While walking into every sales call shirtless might be interesting, the number one reason for entrepreneurs to exercise is brain function.  The amazing book Brain Rules explains this really well.  The brain is fed by blood vessels.  These are the “highways” that deliver the fuel for the brain to function.  When we exercise the highways get paved…for better fuel delivery.  In addition, exercise also creates new “highways.”  Exercise makes you smarter.

Exercise Decreases Stress

Entrepreneuers are problem solvers.  That’s what we do.  We start a business to solve a problem.  Then, as we run the business we tackle one problem after another.  That can be lonely and stressful work.  We need ways to manage and lessen our stress.

When you exercise a whole host of chemicals are released into your body.  Endorphins, dopamine, and more start flushing your system.  These chemicals not only help you deal with pain, but they also help you think more creatively and deal with stress.

Exercise Shows Us How Progress Works

Enterpreneurs can be wildly impatient.  I know.  I speak from experience.  But most success is not overnight.  It takes time…and a lot of hard work.  We need to show up each and every day in order to create real momentum.  The same is true with exercise.  You don’t see results when you get on the scale after one day of “clean eating.”

Exercise helps to remind us that slow and steady is how the race is won.

Exercise Increases Our Confidence

One of the best ways to build your self-confidence is to keep promises to yourself.  When you make a commitment to exercise, and then you do it, you are proving to yourself you are worth it.  By showing up and doing the work, you build the confidence that it will take to build a business.  We all know that there are tough days for an entrepreneur.  But keeping a regular exercise routine can help to build your own confidence that you will be able to see this through.

Exercise Improves Stamina and Health

And finally, yes it gives you more stamina and health.  If you are in better shape, you will be able to work harder.  And while your goal should not always be to “work harder and longer,” there will be times that you need to.  It’s the nature of the beast.  So by being a healthier and stronger version of yourself, you can push through when you need to.

While there are plenty more, these are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs should exercise.  Now let’s lace up those shoes…and get ready to sweat!

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