7 Touches with Promo

by | Apr 23, 2014

There are lots of anecdotes and stories about how unsuccessful businesses, people and salespeople give up after just a few tries.  You have probably heard them.  Recently, I have been seeing more and more studies that say the magic number of “touches” is 7.  After 7 contacts with a prospect, your success rate for a sale goes way up.  You know–intellectually–that you need to “touch” prospects more than once to have them turn into clients. 

But are you doing it?  Most people (and companies) are not.

One way to increase the number of touches is by using Promotional Products.  Adding promotional products to the mix not only increases the likelihood that your message will be received, but it adds lasting impressions (touches) after the initial contact.

What does this look like?  Let’s just do one quick sample.

Touch 1:  You reach out to the prospect on the phone and let them know you will be sending them important information.  You leave a voicemail or talk to them in person!

Touch 2:  You follow up with a letter, flyer, etc. AND include a promotional item.  “Bumpy” mail is up to 75% more likely to be opened!

Touch 3:  They check out the promo item/read the flyer.

Touch 4:  You follow up to call and set up an appointment.  Based on the Rule of Reciprocity, once a prospect receives a gift they are more likely to see you.  (This increases with more promotional “gifts.”)

Touch 5:  You meet with the person and educate them more on what you can offer.  Hopefully you are dazzling!  🙂

Touch 6:  You leave them with another awesome promo item for taking the time to meet with you.

Touch 7:  A follow up email, call to take your order!

There you go!  7 Touches and a sale.  Use promotional products to increase your “touches” and your sales today!


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