8 Tips on Being Positive and Productive

by | Jun 6, 2014

Within the last couple of weeks I have had quite a few people ask me how I “get so much done.”  It’s an interesting question because I am always wanting to do more.  I don’t feel like I am doing all I want!  My wife would probably agree!  (Love ya Amy!). 

During that same time I have had several people ask me how I “stay positive.”  It seems (to me at least) that the two go hand in hand, so I thought I would share my “Positive Productivity” tips for each day.
1)  Wake up early:  I find that I can get quite a few things done before everyone else is up or the phone is ringing. 

2)  Input Positive Into the Brain First Thing:  I think many people start their day with the local news, Facebook or TV.  That’s fine, but if you know that 90% of what you see (or read) is going to be negative, then that is what you are feeding your brain first.  I try to focus on inspirational articles.  I read Seth Godin’s blog.  I check out Inc.com.  Whatever inspires you…put that in first!  That helps me put things in perspective and get the day started right.

3)  Exercise:  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to run 15 miles or do P90X each morning (though you can!).  Studies show that just 20 to 30 minutes of walking will help stimulate you physically AND mentally.  So just raise your heart rate and get your blood flowing and you will be more productive (and smarter) all day!

4)  Schedule Important Stuff:  It is so easy to be busy all day but not be productive.  We are all busy.  Frankly I think it’s the most over-used word in our culture.  It’s a cop out.  Life is (and always has been) about choices.  If you want to write a book, schedule just a little time each day when you work on JUST that.  The same is true for exercise.  As the old saying goes, “Put the Big Rocks In First.”  The rest of the day will fill up…don’t worry!

5)  When In Doubt, Do:  I read a book recently called the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone where he said that Fear is fueled by Time.  So if you fearful about what to do, the longer you wait, the bigger the fear gets!  So don’t feed fear with time.  Just act.  Don’t try to figure the whole thing out.  Just do the next right thing.  If you act, you snuff out uncertainty.  (Oh and as a bonus, if you are a little scared, that probably means  you are doing the right thing!).

6)  Try To Make Others Laugh:  It’s amazing how much I get out of others laughing.  It brightens my whole day!

7)  Focus on Activity:  I think in sales and business we can focus too much on certain numbers.  When I want to sell more, I almost always need to increase my activity.  Of course it needs to be the right kind of activity.  But if you do the right things, and do it more than your competitors, you win.  

8)  Get Rest:  It’s amazing how many people ignore this.  You can get something extra done by burning the midnight oil…once.  But the more often you go without rest, the less productive your mind becomes.  You lose huge amounts of brainpower each time you deprive your body of rest.  Get more rest and you will be more productive.

I have never pretended to be a productivity guru.  But we all want to get things done.  This is my list of things I try to do to make each day both Positive and Productive. 

What are your tips?


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