Are You Actually DOING it?

An email I sent to my sales team the other day.

So I read an ebook the other day that I decided to check out. It was a free download, so I took that into consideration. It was short and an easy read about how to sell $100,000 per month in promotional products. I think we would all be good with that goal!

Quite frankly I didn’t think there was a lot of new ground being broken. I found myself saying, “yeah I know that.” But then I asked myself an important question…

“Am I actually DO-ing it?” And in many cases the answer is no. So this is my wake up call to myself. And here are my thoughts to you:

1) Prospecting Every Day: We need to continually be looking for new customers. I am going to implement a new prospecting program that starts next week. I am going to be looking for large clients and doing a mailer. I will share it with anyone, but you should do whatever it is you want. The key (as with anything) is just to do it…and do it regularly.

2) Specs and Virtuals: Each of us should be spending AT LEAST an hour a week working on ideas for current clients or prospects. We have some suppliers who will do them for FREE. When you can’t do a real spec, a virtual is better than nothing. By doing this you are adding real value to your clients. Set a time and day each week for this activity…and put it on your calendar!

3) Samples Sell: When you can’t have a Spec Sample, take a sample! Samples sell!

4) See the People: Have I mentioned that the best way to grow your business is to be in front of clients?

Now let’s get out there and do it!

Yes this was written to my sales group and the specifics might not be for you. But the question of pro-active action remains for just about any project. You know what you should be doing…are you doing it?

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