Are You Really Hustling?

by | Feb 11, 2016

Gary Vaynerchuk and Kirby Hasseman at Business Gets Personal

One thing I believe to be true:  Everyone in business believes they are hustling.

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I use that word a lot.  It motivates me and reminds me if I want good things in life, I need to be willing to go get it!  Talent is fine.  It can even be important…but only when combined with hustle.  We all know talented lazy people that accomplish nothing.

But there are different levels of hustle.  Think about it.  Everyone thinks they are “busy” too.  It’s the most overused word in the English language.  But don’t you internally roll your eyes when some people say they are “busy?”  The same is true for “hustle.”

A few years ago, I was hustling.  Sort of.

Then I went to a great event with Gary V, Dave Ramsey and Seth Godin.  The event was fun, inspiring, and motivating.  They touched on many aspects of business and made me think about ways to change mine.  But the over-arching message I received was this…”I need to hustle more.”

Since then, I have been running faster, doing more, trying harder.  I was busy before, but now I am being more pro-active.  You know that important task you have been procrastinating?  That thing you know will be good for your business, but will be hard and uncomfortable?  I have been working to do THOSE things.

So please join me in cutting out the word “busy” from your vocabulary.  It’s not serving you (or anyone) well.  Let’s stop seeing it as a badge of honor.  Let’s just up our hustle.

I have been trying to do just that.  The results have been great.  Now I just need to hustle more.

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