Attracting Good By Doing

Many authors and speakers spend a great deal of time talking about the Law of Attraction…and with good reason!  It’s a law that helps to rule the universe.  As one author said, it’s a great deal like gravity.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe it…it’s still there! 

The Law of Attraction is simple enough to understand.  You get what you give out.  So if you are a positive person, you tend to get positive back.  If you are a negative person, you get that back.  The example I use when I am speaking is my teenage daughter.  I work hard to explain to her that is she is always complaining and negative, that will be the way that teachers, friends and parents respond to her.  It’s a simple concept.  Give out good…get good back.  But just because it’s simple to understand doesn’t mean it’s easy to do! 

Sometimes it’s tough to stay in the positive frame of mind.  I understand that.  But no one ever said things that are worth doing are easy.  You need to work at it to stay consistent in your effort to push out good things into the universe.  The good news is, you control that effort.  You…and only you.

But to me there is more to the Law of Attraction, than just thinking positive thoughts.  So many times people misunderstand and think they just need to be a positive person…and riches will follow.  That’s just foolhardy.  You have to DO something too!

The Law of Attraction says you get back what you give out.  But you have to GIVE something more than postive thoughts.  You have to take action!  That is a huge piece to the Law of Attraction that I think sometimes gets glossed over. 

If you want to be a force to be reckoned with in any area of life…you need to take action.  Everyone has good ideas.  But it’s what you do with those ideas that separate people in the world.  What have you DONE with those ideas? 

And don’t worry, you can start small.  Often, that is where you can make a big impact and get your momentum going anyway.  How?  When you have an idea that you should send a “thank you,” DO it.  When you think you should go across the room and shake the new person’s hand…DO it.  When you think you should speak up…DO it.  When you know you need to be on time to an important meeting…DO it!

You see, just like in many areas of life, it’s the small things that sometimes turn into the big things.  Do those things within your control consistently, your area of control increases. 

So when you think about the Law of Attraction in your life, make sure you consider Taking Action in addition to just thinking good thoughts.  Taking Action will be the thing that makes all the difference!

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