Be a Connector

There is nothing like a great industry event to re-connect, re-inspire and exhaust you!  I was lucky enough to have that experience this past week at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.  It was awesome to get together with industry minds and help to shape the future.

Before the Expo, I attended an event called Skucon.  It was a day before the Expo and was full of inspiration and connection…and I was really glad to be a part of it.  It was hosted by the King and Queen of CommonskuMark and Catherine Graham.

Mark and Catherine are extraordinarily impactful in the promotional products industry.  I don’t say this because they are the most powerful, most wealthy, or the smartest.  I say it because they are CONNECTORS.  They have an uncanny (and unselfish) ability to connect people in our industry so that everyone has the chance to be better…and succeed.  They have certainly been the connector between me and many people who I respect the most today.

Why am I saying this?  It’s not because I want Mark and Catherine to like me (please like me!).

I say it because it’s something we all need to aspire to.  The best part is, it is something we absolutely can become.  We don’t have to be the most powerful, the most wealthy or the smartest.  We just need to care more.  We need to genuinely want to help people.

We can all do that, if we want.  I want to work on that…starting now.

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