Be Nice…It’s Free!

Sometimes, when times are tight, it’s harder to act on our “promptings” to reach out in kindness to others.  Though I think most of the time, this is just an excuse, there are times when I understand that folks legitimately need to be frugal. 

But really there is no excuse to not send out joy because there are lots of low cost–and no cost–ways to do it! 

First off, how expensive is it really to send a card?  Done right…not very much.  And this simple, low cost gesture can go a LONG way toward making someone else’s day.  And if we are really being honest with ourselves, there are hundreds of other things you can do to make others feel special that don’t cost very much at all.  I challenge you to give this 10 minutes thought and you will come up with a lot of your own.

But do you know what doesn’t cost a thing?  Smiling.  Giving sincere compliments.  Giving a hug. 

You know it really does not cost a thing to be nice.  And it’s a funny thing, when you are nice, others are nice back.  When you smile, most others smile back. 

It’s not rocket science folks.  And you know what?  You can actually convince yourself that you are in a better mood by smiling.  In the book “The Power of Thinking Big” author David Schwartz challenges his readers to give a big toothy grin.  Really get into it!  If you do it, you will notice not only a change in the muscles in your face, it will actually give your spirit a lift too!

So the next time you are feeling down or without a lot of positive to give the world, smile.  You will be surprised the powerful effect it will have on your life…and the lives of others!

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