Body Language Matters

by | Jan 11, 2015

The gym was full of people.  There was an air of intensity and pride.  The air had a smell of sweat and voices and whistles rang out in a chaotic intensity.  I was at a local wrestling match featuring 21 high school teams. 
I was focused on the finals of the 120 pound division. 
Both wrestlers were quick.  Both were clearly skilled and strong.  But one thing jumped out at me.  After the first period, one of the wrestlers carried himself with a clear air of confidence and purpose.  On breaks in the action, he jumped up and hurried to the spot on the mat where the action would take place.  His face showed very little.  The other wrestler looked frustrated.  His shoulders slumped.  He “looked defeated.” 
It’s worth noting that the score was tied. 
But I knew who would win…based on their body language. 
This is not just a lesson for individual sports.  When you are going for a sales call, interview, meeting or presentation, be mindful of your body language.  Be conscious to exude confidence.  It’s amazing how others feed off of that energy. 
So head up.  Shoulders back.  Look people in the eye.  Smile.
Your body language tells others how you really feel.  Make sure it is communicating what you want them to see.


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