Editors Versus Producers

by | Feb 25, 2015

In the last several years, the cost of video equipment, editing software and the ability of phones and other devices to record video has democratized the video industry.  That’s great!  Combine that with the explosion of social networks and companies have an awesome way to tell their own story.  More people, all over the world, have the ability to take video and edit it together. 

They are Editors.  It is a good and valuable skill. 

But where people (and companies) get into trouble is when they confuse Editors for Producers.  The difference is a big one.  In video terms, the editor can do the job of putting the video together. 

The producer, on the other hand, will tell you why and how.  The producer is the one to have a vision for what the video should look like.  He will guide the concept (and actually have one) from beginning to finish.  He will tell you “no” for your own benefit. 

The editor can make the video project.  A producer can make it great.

Interestingly enough, this difference is evident in most trades.   It’s the difference between an amateur (even a good one) and a professional. 

There is a difference between:

*The person who is great with her hands, and the person who has experience running the whole project.

*The guy who can sell you a logo’d pen, and the woman who can tell you how to build a successful promotional campaign.  

*The person who can post for your company to Facebook, and the company that can tell you how, when and why.

It’s okay to be an Editor or a Producer.  Both are important.  But what you need to ask yourself is:

“Which one do I want to be?”

“Which one do I want handling my project?”


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