Energy Takers Versus Energy Givers

energy takers versus energy givers

If you are looking to create a productive and empowering life, you will come across two types of people.  Of course, there are more types than that.  But there are two types that stand out along the journey.  You come to know them as soon as you see them.

They are energy givers…and energy takers.

The energy givers light up a room.  They are the kinds of people that we want to be around.  This is the kind of person that lifts you up and inspires you to be a better version of yourself.  They talk about goals and projects and purpose.  When you get done talking to energy givers, you want to take on more…not less.  Your goals get bigger.

The energy takers are, of course, the opposite.  This group complains and commiserates.  The energy taker is the one you dread talking to because they sap the life out of you.  They take away momentum.  This group often is wrapped in guilt.  You have known them for a long time and you want the best for them.  But they don’t help you chase the life you want.

But how do you know which one you are?

While you may get the concept clearly, do you know how you fit in?  I often find myself wondering, “Am I an energy giver or taker in this group?”  Obviously, I want to light up the group…but am I?

Here is one question to ask yourself that will help you end up on the right side of this.  It certainly won’t mean that everyone will love you all of the time.  But if you lean into this question, it will help ensure they respect you.  The question is simple.

How can I serve?

The energy givers I know almost always come to me with a servant’s heart.  They are looking to lift me up, connect me, help me, and provide me inspiration.  Energy takers want to commiserate or complain or vent.  So when you want to know what energy you bring to a group, ask yourself what you are doing.

Are you looking to serve?

If not, now is the perfect time to start.

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