Fighting the Business Blahs

by | Jul 18, 2012

If you have a sales team, then at some point or another, you are sure to have a lull in activity.  It sometimes comes in the summertime for me, but your organization might be different.  But my guess is, regardless of the time of year, this shows up as the a few things coincide:

1) Lack of preparation (maybe you have been busy with business and have not done the prep work for new business).
2)  Lack of desire (everyone gets tired of putting their foot to the floor ALL the time)
3)  Lack of effort

This isn’t me throwing stones.  It happens.  So far this July it has been the case with me.  I was busy in the 2nd quarter so I was not doing the work to get ready for a busy summer (yes that would be number 1).  I want to enjoy the summer and relax (number 2).  And if I am honest, I have not been putting in the hours (number 3).  I told someone yesterday, I blame summer being slow on the fact that everyone is on vacation.  But the fact is I have been on a mental vacation.  So the problem is…me.

The great news is, I have control over that.  So this week I choose to show up differently.  It’s time to get rid of Business Blahs.  It should be as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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