Getting the Right People on the Team

by | Apr 28, 2012

I have spent the last couple of days checking in on the NFL Draft.  Like many sports fans, I am very curious to see how my favorite squad will add new team members to its roster…and how they will fit and make a difference. 

It’s also really interesting to me to see how different teams seem to be really good at this process.  They have done their research and seem to be able to make moves to put themselves in great position to get the person that fits their needs.  Other organizations seem to flail.  They chase the “hot prospect” or get sucked into bad deals because they don’t seem to have a strong identity from which to make decisions.

While this happens on a huge stage with cameras, commentators, and fans watching, this is not that wildly different than what happens in the business world all over the planet. 

Some organizations seem to have a great system in place to evaluate talent.  They have a strong sense of self…and of who they want to become.  They know the type of person they need…and how that person will fit in their organization.  And they want ONLY the kind of person that will fit in their culture well. actually offers potential employees $2000 to quit before they finish training!  Do you believe that?  They know that the kind of person that takes the money is not the type of person that will fit with their team.  They would rather pay the 2 grand…than be stuck with the wrong fit!

And of course there are the OTHER kinds of businesses out there.  They just hire whoever walks in the door…or they fall in love with someone on paper before really considering whether they will fit in the organization.  And just like in the NFL, the wrong person in the wrong position can set your organization back for LONG time!

So if you are in a position to add staff (good for you), make sure you have a strong sense of the kind of person you want…and how that person will fit in with the organization.


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