Give Expecting Nothing in Return

by | Sep 27, 2011

Once mistake I think we make when giving, is expecting the return on that investment to come immediately. I think if you want to Give Your Way To Success, you need to give freely, expecting nothing in return. That’s hard.

Maybe you have heard of the Rule of Reciprocity. It’s a great and powerful rule that says if you do something (or give something) to someone, there is an urge for them to return the favor. It’s cultural and often subconscious.

The problem with this rule is sometimes when we expect the reciprocity and don’t get it…we get annoyed. It’s understandable. We just did something nice for you. Why are you not doing something nice for me?

But if we “give” this way we are not really giving. Think of it this way. We have discussed on this blog that the universe gives you back what you put out. But if you give with expectations in return you are actually saying “Give me.” The universe will respond with “Give me.”

So Give Freely to others. Reach out in kindness with no expecation in return today. Think of someone in your professional life and give them a referral. Send a friend you haven’t talk to a while a card. Send your spouse flowers. But don’t expect anything in return. Enjoy that feeling. It will come back to you someday when you least expect it!


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