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by | Sep 19, 2011

I have often said that the most under-used words in business are “thank you.” Unfortunately, I think this phenomonon is getting worse, not better. It’s just tough with the fast-paced times that we live in. The bad news is, with email, twitter, smartphones, and Facebook, many of us have gotten to busy to appreciate.

The good news is, when you stop and take the time to say “thanks,” you stand out.

In the book Appreciation Marketing, the authors remind us how our parents worked so hard to train us as children to say “please” and “thank you.” They say that now we might get tired of hearing “please” from our kids (and other kids) we never tiring of hearing “thank you.” As a matter of fact, can you remember the last time you heard a well-trained child say “thanks” without needing prompting? Remember how impressed you were?

You can make that type of impact with your adult clients and friends by doing “thank you” right. Be on the look out for reasons to say thanks. If you are in the right frame of mind, you will see lots of reasons during the day to reach out. And guess what? This exercise will not only help lift the spirits of those you appreciate, but it will also lift your spirits as well. By being in an appreciative state of mind, you will see the good things in life first!

So here are your Thank You To Do’s:

1) Be on the look out for those to Thank each day.
2) Make it a Habit to do each day.
3) Create a system so you don’t forget!
4) Send a Card or Gift to show your appreciation!

If you want the system that my wife and I use, you can check out If not, create one of your own! This is a great way to improve your personal and professional life. Thanks for reading this! I appreciate you!


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