Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

When you think of ways to Give Your Way To Success, you need to start with you. So many of us get in our own way when it comes to our success! So today we need to Give Yourself Permission to Succeed!

What do I mean about getting in our own way? Okay let’s start with what NOT to do.

Negative self talk: So many of us are our own worst enemy. Whenever there is a mistake in our lives we beat ourself up about how we handled it. “You are so stupid,” we say. It’s funny. We often talk to ourselves much worse than we allow others to treat us. Remember that!

What to do: I read once in the One Minute Millionaire by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen that we should get rid of the “yeah-buts.” They suggested that you put a rubberband around our wrist. Then each time we hear that inner voice telling us we can’t do something, talking negative or generally saying “yeah but” we snap the rubber band! This is a physical reminder that we need to stop talking ourselves out of success.

When you hear that internal voice saying “I can’t”…stop. Replace that with “I’m getting better at…” or “I am better at…” or something like that. Remember, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not. So feed it “good” information. If you tell yourself you are lucky…then you are!

Shooting Too Low: Many of us have really quit dreaming! Remember, if we don’t plan out our own course, then it will be planned for us. I read recently that we are all the author of the story of our lives. It is our right—no our responsibility—to write it well! If we don’t write it, then we will just become a character actor in someone else’s movie!

Okay…so you are ready to write your own story. But make sure you are dreaming big! Give yourself the time and space to close your eyes and imagine what your ideal life would be like. What would you own? Where would you live? Who would be with you? Make sure to be specific! What does your life look like? Smell like? Sound like?

It’s funny. If you read any book from authors that train for success, this step is a part of it. But so few of us actually go to the trouble of DOING it! Got those images in your mind? Great! Now write them down!

Create this dream journal and Give Yourself Permission to Succeed. This is your call to action today! Get out there and write your life as you want it to be!

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