Happiness First

happiness first

Everything we have been taught is wrong. We have been told, since we were young, that if we work hard, we can be successful, and then we will be happy. But if you have lived for any real period of time, you know this is not true. We work hard and achieve a goal and we feel good for a bit. But then the goal post moves.

Studies now show us that we need to change the equation. We need to be happy first. If we are happy first, we will do better hard work and are more likely to be successful. That’s right. Be happy first and you are more likely to be successful.

But wait there’s more! Studies also show that your brain actually works better when it is in a positive state. Students do better on tests, people are more creative, and doctors even are more effective when they are in a positive frame of mind.

Work on being grateful, excited and happy. Success will follow.

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9 Years of Delivering Marketing Joy

9 Years of Delivering Marketing Joy

I did the math yesterday...and it was a bit of a milestone. Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of Delivering #MarketingJoy!  As you may (or may not) know, Delivering #MarketingJoy is my weekly interview show/podcast where I get the chance to interview experts in the...

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Life Is Not Fair.  So What?

Life Is Not Fair. So What?

We were all seated around a kitchen table talking.  The group was filled with men and it was designed to be a place where we could express challenges in a safe place.  We had made it around the table and the last person was sharing what a challenging year it has been...

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Hit The Target:  The Target Marketing Framework

Hit The Target: The Target Marketing Framework

Targeted Marketing is an essential element for any business to thrive in today’s marketplace. The success of a business depends on how effectively it reaches its TARGET audience and how it positions itself as the go-to solution for the audience’s needs. You don’t want...

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The Longer The Idea Sits

The Longer The Idea Sits

Each morning during the week, I walk/run for a couple of miles to get my blood flowing.  It helps with my fitness, but that was not originally the point.  The idea is to get my blood pumping and brain working.  It's been a great habit that helps me start my day on the...

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