Happiness Is A Choice

by | Jul 25, 2014

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in a Mexican paradise with my family.  What a gorgeous location.  The resort had awesome food, great views, fantastic weather and free food and drinks.  What could be better, right? 
And of course everyone is always happy here, right?  Wrong.
The term “happiness is a choice” is never more evident than in a place like this.  Despite the absolutely surreal surroundings there continue to be people that are not at all blissful.  They seem grumpy, moody and rude.  Not many mind you, but some.   So it begs the question, “if you are not happy here, then where?”
The fact is, happiness really is a state of mind.  You can control it.  Regardless if you are in a humble dwelling in Ohio or a paradise in Mexico, you have the ability to choose happiness.  You also have the ability to, well, not.
The good news and the bad new is, it’s your call.


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