Hear Your Own Voice

If you have been following me on nearly any social venue, you know I have set the goal to read 50 (non-fiction) books this year.  Though there are probably some people who read much more than this, it is keeping me busy!  That being said, it has been very rewarding too.  Not only has it been inspirational, but it has created some real breakthrough moments in business too.  I can’t wait to see where it all leads.

There has been one side effect that I did not expect.  I have not left time to hear my own voice.

In the past, running and mowing the lawn, and walking have been times when I have let my mind wander.  It’s given me time to think through challenges, brainstorm ideas, and consider things I have heard and read.  Now I am using those time to read (or listen) to new books.

I need to give myself some time to hear my own voice.

In considering this, I don’t think I am alone.  Often many of us fill the empty time and space of our day with “stuff.”  It might be books.  Or (more often I think) it might be trivial, mind-numbing, time filling crap that does not provide value.  It just kills time until the next activity.  Sometimes that’s cool.

But sometimes we need to hear our own voice. 

Give yourself some quiet time think about ideas, or consider opportunities, or brainstorm.  Those moments will be well-spent.

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