I Got A Message On Linkedin

I got a message on Linkedin

I got a message on Linkedin this morning.

Now most of the time that might be met with a collective groan because it was probably an unsolicited sales pitch.  You know the one.  It comes from a random stranger that knows NOTHING about my business but promises to grow it by 3 times…by tomorrow!

But this message was different.  It was from a “competitor.”

I use quotation marks because we are in the same industry, but we rarely compete.   He does his thing.  I do mine.

The reason this unsolicited message stood out is that it oozed…kindness.  He wanted nothing.  He just took the time to send me an incredibly kind, heartwarming message that brought a tear to my eye.  It truly made my day.  And while I won’t share the entirety of the message, I want to share this.

“And after months of feeling this way, I finally decided to tell you.”

I am so glad he did.

One of my rules of life is that when I catch myself saying something nice about someone behind their back, I make it a point to tell them.  My competitor just did that for me…and I could not be happier.

So what good thing are you holding on to?  What kind thought have you been thinking about someone else that you have not shared?  Today might be the perfect day to reach out and let them know.

You never know how much they need to hear that today.  I know I did.

I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad I got a message on Linkedin today.

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