Incremental Changes

incremental change

When you begin any new goal, results will not come as fast as you want.  Once we decide to chase a goal, we want to move toward it right away.  It’s only natural.  We have made up our minds to be different.  Now we want to see the results.  But life doesn’t often work that way.  It takes time and effort and discipline…and then patience.

You will often be sore from the workout long before you lose the inches.

That’s why it can be hard to keep going.  The pain comes before the reward.  You have to get the rejection before you get the sale.

That is why it can be so important to notice and celebrate incremental improvements.  Those changes might be felt before they can be seen.  And they might be mental changes before you see physical improvements.  That incremental change might be “feeling a little better” during the workout or “feeling more comfortable on the call” before you get the sale.

At the moment, these might feel small…because they are.  But those incremental changes are where improvements begin.

Don’t minimize them.  Celebrate them.  Then keep working toward the goal.

P.S.  Episode 378 of Delivering Marketing Joy is up.  Check out my conversation with Megan Adams about why “story matters” in your marketing.  Watch now.

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