Is This Story Serving Me?

the story we tell ourselves

I love the movie Bull Durham.  It’s one of my favorites of all-time.  It’s a funny movie about a minor league baseball team starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins.  And while I love it because of its irreverent humor and great dialogue, I think it has at least one lesson to teach us about life.

This short clip is near the end of the movie.  Forgive the language, but the message is clear.

Respect the streak.

As Costner’s character points out “If you think you are winning because you are getting laid, or not getting laid, then you are!”  This is not about a winning streak in baseball.

It’s about the story we are telling ourselves.

There is no more powerful voice in our lives than our own.  Our voice is constantly in our own minds telling us a story.  It’s either building you up or tearing you down.  Unfortunately for many of us, that voice in our head can be a constant barrage of negativity, holding us back.  That voice can be loud, persistent, painful, and annoying, but we get to choose whether we believe it.

After all, it’s just a story.

For many of us, we need to take a look at the stories we are feeding ourselves.  We need to examine the thoughts we allow to dominate our brains and decide something really important.

Is this story serving me?

We need to decide if the story we are telling ourselves is driving us where we want to go.  Or, are we allowing these thoughts to hijack our progress and make us live the same mistakes over and over again.  As always, we need to be intentional.  It’s time to be intentional about the story you are telling yourself and decide to create a story that serves your purpose and your life.

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