It’s Not Me. It’s You.

by | Jun 23, 2016

me you

I was on Facebook the other day and there was a discussion that caught my eye.  The person posting was asking about the value of a company called Send Out Cards.  It caught my eye because my wife and I use and like Send Out Cards.  It’s a service that allows you to send real, physical cards (with custom pictures, etc.) from your computer.  The cards arrive in the mailbox of your friends, customers, etc. a few days later.

You can use this service simply as a customer, but SOC is also a Network Marketing Company.  I tell you all of this as context…not a sales pitch.

The conversation went back and forth with several folks saying they enjoyed using the service and others saying they preferred to actually hand write their cards. I don’t really think there is a wrong answer here.  If you are taking the time to send out “joy” into the world, you are in the minority…and you are awesome.  However you wish to do it…is the right way.

But as is the case (it seems) with all discussions like this on Facebook, an individual poster went off the rails.  He said that he had received SOC cards and not liked them.  He actually went so far as to say that when someone sent him a card like this, he would throw it in the trash because he thought they “were rude.”

This, my friends, is a “say it out loud” moment.

If someone took the time to think of you on your special day…then send you a thank you note, birthday card, anniversary card (or whatever)…and you received that card, and you insult them by saying their card (their expression of joy to you) is rude…then you are an asshole.

It’s that simple.

This is the textbook definition of someone who is looking for a reason to be pissed all the time.

When someone pushes out good toward you, accept it.  If you don’t, I promise that people will stop.  And then you can live in your self-fulfilling prophecy that people are NOT actually that nice.

But it’s not true.  You will have driven them away.  So start accepting the good in your life.  Otherwise good people will leave…and they will say…

It’s not me.  It’s you.

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