Just Because You Had It…

by | Apr 15, 2015

We are blessed to have a garage on our house.  My wife keeps her car in the garage, and over the winter, we decided to put my 16 year old daughter’s car in the garage as well.  I left my vehicle out.  But with the spring weather, we felt we could put other things in the garage…leaving my daughter’s car out.  She was not excited.  Understandably, she decided that was “her” spot in the garage.  The conversation did not go well for either of us.

But before we jump too quickly to judge the “entitled” 16 year old, we should likely look in the mirror. 

It’s human nature to fall into this “entitlement” trap.  Once we have a certain job, a certain status in the community, or a certain sales level, we tend to look at that level as “ours.”  We have reached it.  We have achieved it.  We deserve it.

Ah the dangerous word “deserve!” 

You have reached a certain level of success in life by hard work.  But it’s easy, once you get comfortable, to coast.  It’s generally, not even a conscious decision.  It happens over time.  We get complacent…and believe what we have is what we “deserve.”

Remember:  Success is not owned.  It is leased.  The rent is due every day.

So consider what you are doing today to pay the rent.


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