Lean Into It

by | Mar 16, 2021

lean into it

I love it when when “spring forward” into daylight savings time.  To me, it not only signifies springtime and warmer weather coming, but it also means that it will be lighter out longer in the evening.  To be honest, I wish we would just stay at this time all year around.

That being said, when the clocks do actually move forward, it can be tough.  Just like everyone else, my body (and mind) struggles to make the switch.  That first Monday morning, my body wakes up with the alarm and wonders why we are getting up an hour early.  That happened this year.

The alarm went off and I stood up to turn off the noise.  I switched off the alarm and thought, just for a second, about getting back in bed to get more rest.  I really wanted to lay back down.  But then I realized that if I did that today, I would have this same feeling tomorrow.  I would just be kicking the adjustment down the road another 24 hours.

At some point…I just need to lean into it.

By leaning into the new time change, I deal with that change in the moment.  Sure, I needed an extra cup of coffee on Monday.  But the sooner I make the adjustment, the sooner I get my body and mind feeling normal.  I need to lean into this discomfort…so I can get to the other side.

It occurs to me that this is good advice for me (and maybe for you) when you encounter any kind of discomfort that comes with growth.  The fact is, when you are working to grow or try something new, you will be uncomfortable.  “Growth comes just outside of your comfort zone.”  So when you get that feeling, it’s time to lean into it and take action.

  • Starting a new sales strategy and it feels strange?  Lean into it and take action.
  • Creating a new project and you feel imposter syndrome (and that voice) getting loud?  Lean into it and take action.
  • Want to start a new company but are not sure if it will work?  Lean into it…and take action.
  • Looking to move to a new part of the country to start something new?  You get the idea.

If you are working to push yourself into a growth situation, you will feel uncomfortable.  The first thing you need to do is to understand that it’s normal.  It’s okay.  Give yourself permission to feel it.  Once you have done that, it’s time to lean into it…and take action.

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