Lessons from “Getting” Seth Godin


This week I will be releasing Episode 100 of Delivering Marketing Joy…and I will be having a special guest!  If you have not seen it, Delivering Marketing Joy is a weekly web series where I interview business leaders, marketers, authors and entrepreneurs about all sorts of topics.  It’s been a total blast to get the opportunity to talk to all of these Rock Stars. (You can subscribe to the channel here).

And if you listened to the latest edition of unScripted, you know that my Special Guest on this episode is going to be none other than Seth Godin!

If you don’t know Seth Godin, learn more about him at his website or at his blog (one of the most read in the world), but suffice it to say, he is a Marketing legend.  He is the author of 18 international best selling books, he is a starter, an original thinker, and he is a business idol of mine.

So as you might imagine, I am beyond excited to have him on my web show.  As my wife explained to my youngest daughter “To your dad, this is like interviewing Beyonce!”  🙂

The show goes “live” on Wednesday, and there are tons of great lessons in it.  So please tune in to watch!  But when people have heard that I landed Seth as a guest, they ask me “How did you get him?”  So I thought I would give a few insights into how this interview came to be…and some lessons on how to land your “rock star” in any endeavor.  (Oh, actually Jeff Haden–another rock star–has some insight on the DMJ here). 

Gracious Guest:  So we need to start with the fact that although Seth Godin is sought after as a speaker, interview, writer, etc. he is gracious with his time.  No matter what I did and no matter what I said, I could not have had Seth on without him being a great guy.  I am forever indebted to him for that.  Thank you Seth!

Friends in High Places:  No matter who you want to reach on your “Rock Star” list, it helps to have help.  It helps to have a connector.  In my case, this doesn’t happen without Mark Graham.  Mark introduced me to Seth on a podcast we did for PromoKitchen.  This familiarity certainly had a big impact on Seth agreeing to do the show.

Go When You Are Not Asking For Anything:  One of the coolest moments for me during the podcast was that Seth actually mentioned Delivering Marketing Joy.  He said that he had seen a few episodes and mentioned some specifics.  Then he said “Keep doing that.  In 3 years, you will be glad you did!”  That encouragement gave me a serious boost when I needed it.  So months ago I sent him an email sincerely thanking him for encouraging me.  Just a thank you.  No ask.  I didn’t do this as a strategy…just wanted to say thank you.  But I have a feeling that by not asking, I might have stood out.

Ask One More Time:  I had asked Seth to be on the show a few times.  He had graciously declined each time.  So this time, I was really close to “not bothering him.”  But I did.  And he said yes.  Take the lesson as you will.

There are more lessons to be sure.  And there will be many lesson in the 100th Episode!  I hope you take the time to watch…and share it with those you think will enjoy it!  And remember…you can subscribe to the channel here. 

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