Lift The Heavy Stuff First

by | Aug 24, 2014

One day, many years ago, my mother had asked my father and I to move some furniture around in our house.  This was early in my life, probably the first time I had been asked to perform such a “manly” job and I was happy to do it.  As we looked at the group of furniture that needed to be re-located, my dad pointed the biggest couch and said, “Let’s get that one first.” 
He quickly explained that when faced with a tough task, “lift the heaviest one first” and the rest would seem easy.
That is the exact opposite of what most people do.  We see something that looks daunting or uncomfortable or “heavy” and we put that off.  Maybe it will go away! 
I find myself going back to that sage advice quite a bit.  When faced with a plate full of activities, a hard conversation, or, yes, even a group of furniture, I want to get the hard part out of the way first.  Once that is addressed, the rest of my day almost always goes a lot easier!


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