Listen to your own voice

by | Dec 1, 2016


What do you do first thing in the morning?  What is your routine?

If you are like most people I know, you wake up and immediately search for your phone, your computer, or your remote for the TV.  Maybe you do this because you are concerned that you might have gotten an important email in the last 6 hours.  You might even check to make sure there have been no emergencies.  Maybe.

But most people do this fill their eyes and their ears with other people’s thoughts.  We rush to do it first thing.  Many of us can’t go to sleep without it.  We are constantly in need of the voices of others to fill us up.  Many people seem to need the talking heads to tell us what to think…or what to think about.

I compare this to the people that I generally respect the most.  I told someone yesterday that we need more “original thinkers.”  I don’t mean we all need to have daily creative and amazing thoughts.  That would be great, of course, but not my point.  What we need is for more people to give themselves the opportunity to really consider things…with their own voice.

The fact is, studies show you that 89% (or more) of what we see in the world is negative.  I believe that.  And if you pay any attention to media and social media, I think you would agree.  Is it any wonder that this is what most people then continue to push out?  It’s what they put in their mind first thing.

This is not a rant about positivity (though I think we could use more of it).  It’s a call for originality.  It’s a call for people giving real thought to things.  But if we want to honestly do this, we need to first give ourselves space.  We need to set aside quiet time to think.  Give yourself a chance to “listen to your own voice” without always filling up your ears, eyes and brain with noise.

Listen to your own voice.  You might be excited about some of the things it tells you.

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