Look For The Good

by | Aug 20, 2015

No matter how positive a person you are, and no matter how much you generally like people, you WILL come across a person that rubs you the wrong way.  You will have a moment where you say “I just don’t like that guy!”  I get it.  Often, you won’t even be able to put a real finger on why.

The challenge here is that our natural tendency is to focus more on those we don’t like.  We might walk up to a group of 5 people (4 of which we like) and we can only see “them.”  So we might avoid the situation or any interaction with that group just because of the one person.  Remember, based on the numbers, we like 80% of them!

We miss a lot of life that way.

So follow the advice my friend Bill Petrie gave me…look for the good.  No person is all good or bad.  Look for the thing in that person that you DO like.  Find the trait you admire in them…and focus on that.

First, it will allow you to have a great interaction with the other 80%.  And who knows, by focusing on that one trait, you might find some more you like about that person as well.

At the very least, it will take your focus off the things you DON’T like.  And that’s not what you want to be focusing on anyway.


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