Most Viewed Delivering Marketing Joy Shows…so far!

by | Jul 3, 2016


It’s hard to believe we have recorded over 90 episodes of Delivering Marketing Joy!  What started off as an “content experiment” has become a weekly education session for me…and hopefully for you!  I have had the chance to interview entrepreneurs, marketers, authors, content creators and business superstars!  It’s been fun.  It’s been an honor.  And it’s still going strong!

So I thought it might be interesting for you to see the “most viewed” shows so far.  Take a few moments to watch, learn and enjoy!

  1.  Episode 20…Tim Fargo!  Tim Fargo is a rock star!  So much so, he is on this list twice!  He is an entrepreneur and has been on the Inc 500…twice!  He is the author of Alphabet Success and he drops some knowledge on the “drinking horn” here in Episode 20!  Watch that episode now!
  2. Episode 56…Ray Jimenez!  Ray is a national sales manager at Pacific Western Sales.  He is also been recognized as a “rising star” in the promotional industry!  In this episode Ray talks about the importance of customer service, and how customer service is the reason you have business.  Watch episode 56 here!
  3. Episode 31…Tim Fargo!  Yes…Tim is back.  This time we dig deeper with Tim on how to grow a business fast…and smart.  Watch episode 31 here.
  4. Episode 68 – Greg Muzzillo!   Greg is the founder of Proforma!  Greg talks about tips for business starters today, and advice for starting and making your business better!  Watch episode 68 here.
  5. Episode 8 – Bill Petrie!  Bill is the owner / CEO of Brandivate.  Bill talks about the differences of big and small businesses and advantages of both.  Watch episode 8 here!

So those are the top 5 “most watched” episodes of Delivering Marketing Joy so far!  Special thanks to researcher Jade Hasseman for working on this post!  Please let me know if you have someone that I need to interview for an upcoming episode of Delivering Marketing Joy!

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