My 12 Week Year Goals

my 12 week year goals

I talk a lot about goals on this blog (and everywhere else).  I believe in them.  It helps me (and you) to create a life worth living…on purpose.  But sometimes creating goals for an entire year can seem daunting.  It can be hard to see that far in the future…and hard to maintain focus for the whole year.  That’s why I love the concept of “The 12 Week Year.”

The concept of the 12 Week Year is that your “year” is now 12 weeks instead of 12 months.  You create aggressive goals based on that parameter.  The light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter.  As they say in the book, “If you miss a week of workouts in a normal year, you can think it’s not a big deal.  But if you miss an entire week of workouts in a 12 week year, you have missed a month!”

For this year, the concept of creating 12 Week Year Goals resonates with me.  It’s been so hard to predict the future, so shortening this window makes me focus more on what I can control.  But what does that look like for me?  What are my goals?  I wanted to share in order to be transparent…and to get your wheels turning.

Here are my 12 Week Year Goals

  • Run 150 Miles by March 31st
  • Do 6000 push-ups by March 31st
  • Write a blog post here each day
  • Launch New Coaching Business
  • Read or Listen to 10 Books
  • Sell Property at 303 4th Street in Coshocton
  • Help Amy get the Renaissance on Main finished and fully operational
  • Increase Savings
  • Buy a Hot Tub
  • Cook Dinner One Night per week

So those are my 12 Week Year Goals for the beginning of 2021.  I think some people don’t set goals because they think they are “doing it wrong.”  If you are setting goals, in any way, you are not doing it wrong.  Goals are deeply personal.  That’s why it’s tough for me to share these.  But if you want to create a life on purpose, you need to live intentionally.

And if you want to do that…you need to set goals.  Here’s to a wonderful, fun, successful and safe 2021 to you…and yours!

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