My Goals for 2017

If you spend any time on this website, you have probably heard me talk about goals.  I am a huge believer in spending your time thinking about your goals…and then writing them down.  The process inspires me.  I print mine off and then have them on my desk (and in places where I can see them).  But recently I saw Jeff Wickerham post his goals on his blog and I thought it might be interesting for me to do the same.

I am doing this for a few reasons.  First, you can all be my accountability partners.  Feel free to call me out when I am not living up to my stated goals.  Second, perhaps some of you that know me best will think these are out of whack.  Are they too high?  Too low?  Finally, the idea of posting these scares me a bit.  I find that if an activity scares me or makes me uncomfortable, it’s probably the right thing to do.  🙂

So here goes…my goals for 2017.

Continue to Grow as a Husband and Father

Grow HMC to $2 Million

Launch Hasseman Brewing

Add (Cash Flow Positive) Property to Hasseman Properties

Run ½ Marathon

2 Great Trips

Increase Paid Speaking Gigs

Sell 500 books (either Delivering Marketing Joy or Fan of Happy)

Pay off Truck

Launch PromoMBA

Read 40 books

Increase Personal Savings

So that’s my list.  It is a bit uncomfortable to put these out here.  But I am excited about the challenge that many of these goals represent.  My hope is that each of them represents a place for me to grow and improve.  I also hope is that 2017 is a wonderful year for you and yours.

Now it’s up to us to go and make it happen.

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