Not Their Job

by | Mar 8, 2015

“Someone should bring some jobs to our area.”

They should start a company that does that.”

They should hire me.  Someone should give me a job.”

“Why doesn’t someone see my potential?”

All of these statements (and MANY more) are symptoms of a bigger problem with YOUR mindset.  If you are (or have ever) said anything like this, you are waiting for someone else to create an opportunity for you. 

You are waiting for someone else to fix a problem that needs attention. 

You are waiting for someone else to make your life better. 

It’s not their job.  It’s yours.

So they next time you hear yourself lamenting the group we all call “they” or “someone,” ask yourself what you can do.  You will be surprised (if you really try) what can be done.

You can start a company.

You can bring in jobs (or at least a job for you).

You can recognize your own potential.

You can make a difference. 

It is both scary and liberating to know that the only person holding you back is you. 


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