People See What They Look For

by | Feb 23, 2015

In watching the response to the Oscars online (no I didn’t watch, sorry), I was amused by the wide array in reaction.  I was expecting more of the “wow did you see that dress?”  I also thought I might see more posts that reflected “what a great performance by…”

But I didn’t see a lot of that (at least not in my feed).

What I saw was two totally different responses to acceptance speeches.  One went like this:

“What a great platform to make a difference.”

Another went like this:

“Our Government is clearly run by the Hollywood Elite.  Too much politics in their speeches.”

I don’t know who is right.  Nor do I really care.  But it always amuses me that two people can see the same thing and have such viscerally different responses. 

I think people tend to see the thing they are looking for.  What will you try and see today?


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