Push Out Good

push out good

Some mornings I wake up feeling good.  I am excited about everything I get to work on, and I can’t wait to attack the day.  These are the easy days.  Everyone is productive on those days.

And then there are the other days.

On “the other days” I get up feeling sluggish.  I didn’t sleep well the night before.  Or maybe I just feel overwhelmed or unexcited.  These “other days” I sit at my computer feeling uninspired.  I am not feeling it.  So what do I do then?

I have talked before about the first 60 seconds of the day.  When I am not feeling it, getting back to basics and doing a gratitude exercise is a good place to start.  And speaking of exercise, working up a sweat always helps boost my mood.  These are incredibly helpful.  But when all else fails I ask myself a simple question.

What have you done to push out good?

Pushing out good into the world almost always helps to improve my attitude.  Pushing out good might mean writing a blog, sending a positive email or text, or buying flowers for my wife.  When I focus on the idea of pushing out good, it does a couple of things for me.

First, it takes the focus off of me.  When I am in a funk, it often means I am too focused on me and my own issues.  When I look to serve others and “push out good” it fixes that.  It redirects my attention in a positive way.

Second, it feels good to do good.  There is science behind this.  When you do something good or “push out good,” your body releases a chemical called Oxytocin.  This chemical helps to reduce stress and makes you feel warm and fuzzy.  They call it the love chemical.

So if you woke up in a funk today and you want to feel better, it might be time to “push out good.”  By lifting up others, you might just lift up yourself too.

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